Bell To Fly on Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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Bell will begin incorporating sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in all operations at its helicopter training academy and for use by its customer demonstration fleet, the company announced late last week.

The renewable drop-in blended fuel has previously not received much attention from the rotorcraft industry, and the Fort Worth, Texas-based OEM is the first helicopter operator to receive SAF shipments from global fuel distributor Avfuel.

As of March 25, the company’s 20-strong demonstration and training fleet will run the fuel—a blend of 70 percent conventional jet-A and 30 percent SAF, the latter of which will account for the fuel’s lifecycle carbon emissions benefits.

“Bell is an active supporter of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association’s sustainable fuel initiative, and we are committed to seeking more eco-friendly solutions for rotorcraft,” said Michael Thacker, the Textron subsidiary’s executive v-p for technology and commercial business. “As the industry moves towards a greener future, Bell’s decision to introduce SAF in our training and demonstration aircraft is a reflection of our dedication to this shared goal and to providing clean alternatives for the environment.”