Freestyle MX Rider Jump His Dirt Bike Over A Flying Airplane

Freestyler on Kawasaki jumped over a flying plane Racer has been preparing for a trick for several months

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YouTube channel 24MX has published a short documentary about freestyle motocross rider Mattia Cavalli preparing for a risky stunt.

The athlete spent several months preparing to jump on his Kawasaki KX450 motocross over a flying plane. The stunt was supposed to take place at a certain airfield in Italy. As a result, due to adverse weather conditions, the stunt was postponed several times. All this time, his family was worried about the rider.

At the beginning of the film, the main character tells how difficult the preparation for the stunt was. For many months, the rider prepared physically and mentally, and also tried to calm his family. The athlete planned that the jump would take place at the Italian Fly & Joy airfield, but due to adverse weather conditions, the event was canceled several times.

Alberto Cossi, who has more than 30 years of flight experience, acted as a pilot of a light aircraft. He had to fly between two ski jumps at a height of just a couple of meters from the ground. After a short acceleration, the athlete soared into the air above the plane, after which he successfully landed on the second springboard. After Cavalli stopped the motorcycle, he could not hold back his tears.

In early April, a video appeared on the Web showing a dangerous Ford Bronco jump over sand dunes. Despite the hard landing, the owner of the modified SUV drove it home.