Front doorbell camera records helicopter crash across the street

Front doorbell camera records helicopter crash across the street

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It looks like a scene from an apocalyptic Hollywood movie – but it’s real. A front doorbell camera captured the dramatic scenes that took place on the property across the street. Because in a quiet neighborhood in the city of Fresno, California, a helicopter suddenly crashed into a front yard.

Neighbor Barbara Lee heard a loud crash around 9:54 a.m. A private Bell 206B helicopter with one pilot and one passenger on board had crashed just 30 meters from their front door. And her “” camera, which is supposed to record house guests at the door, became a witness. Lee posted the video online on her social media account. It shows the blue helicopter suddenly crashing into a palm tree in the driveway across the street in a fatal spiral.

According to Fresno police, both the 47-year-old pilot and his 33-year-old passenger miraculously survived the crash with only minor injuries. Both were taken to a hospital for observation. The plane was a survey helicopter being tested, a police spokesman said. He initially had no information about who owned it or who the inmates worked for.

There were no injuries on the ground either. The helicopter was totaled. The American flight control authority NTSB is still investigating how the accident could have happened. The pilot and his passenger told police they heard a “plop” before losing altitude.

The neighbors of the adjacent houses were visibly shaken. They were not allowed to return to their homes for hours because of the investigation.