Job details: Helicopter pilot

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Whether in the army or in the civilian sector, the helicopter pilot performs several missions ranging from transport to rescue through spraying with product, access to difficult areas, filming or series …
How to become a Pilot helicopter? Find here the missions, necessary training, remuneration of this profession.

Job mission: Helicopter pilot

Role of the helicopter pilot:
Army or civilian, regular service or on command, the helicopter pilot’s missions vary. There remains a common point, the absolute control of the craft. As part of his duties, he will:
• transport goods,
• transport people,
• save people at sea or in the mountains,
• fly over areas inaccessible by road in the event of an accident, for example,
• take height to take aerial photographs,
• fly over plots to spray products such as insecticides,
• instruct the student pilots,
• determine flight plans,
• count their flight hours,
• supply isolated places such as shelters,
• inspect areas to ensure security.

Remi F. 48 years old, civil security helicopter pilot at the Versoud base

Becoming a helicopter pilot: Qualifications required

Extreme vigilance and concentration are obviously required to exercise the profession of helicopter pilot . Aircraft are dangerous to the pilot, those on board and those overflying. He must constantly keep this danger in mind and take all necessary safety measures.
helicopter pilot must maintain a minimum of physical fitness. His job is demanding and he must never show weakness. You also need to know how to keep calm and control yourself. Operations are sometimes perilous, especially during rescues in bad weather. He must keep control of his device at all times and not get caught up in stress.
His rigor is not limited to the action of driving. Air rules exist and must be respected. For example, it is forbidden to fly over certain areas, whether or not developed. The helicopter pilot must therefore take these prohibitions into account when establishing his flight plan.

Helicopter pilot: career / possibility of development:

helicopter pilot may specialize in rescue operations or the transportation of goods. Depending on his ability to resist adrenaline, he will orient himself towards a certain type of mission.
In the military, a helicopter pilot begins as a combat pilot . After a few years of experience, he can be advanced to different positions. Captain or patrol leader , he can also become an instructor and even take command of a squadron. The military pilots can also convert in civilian life.

Gross monthly salary for a beginner:

 $ 4,500

Become a helicopter pilot: training required

To become a helicopter pilot , you can take the very expensive civil route or the officer’s path. Do you have to count in the first case between 60,000 and 70,000? to obtain a pilot license in the private sector. The commercial pilot license is accessible to adults who have already completed 150 hours of flight. It is then necessary to pass theoretical and flight exams. To hope to become an airline helicopter pilot , it is necessary to be 21 years old, to have a professional pilot license and to count 1200 flight hours to try the tests.
Many will choose the military sector. Only a bin is required. The pilot contract officer commits for 10 years and follows two training courses before being assigned to a troop corps.

Situation of the profession / context to become a helicopter pilot

In the private sector, the opportunities for helicopter pilots are quite limited. The army and the air force are the main sources of employment. Especially since once integrated military training, you are guaranteed to work for 10 years. You are free to continue or seize a civil opportunity.