KAI to present Surion at World Forestry Congress

KAI to present Surion at World Forestry Congress

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Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) announced today that it will participate in the 15th World Forestry Congress to be held at COEX in Seoul from May 2-6.

KAI to present Surion at World Forestry Congress
KAI to present Surion at World Forestry Congress

The World Forestry Congress is the most influential international forestry event organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). The event is held every six years under the Korean presidency.

At this general assembly, some 10 000 people, including government officials, international organizations, civic groups and companies from 120 countries including the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, attended the largest ever forest products exhibition, scientific and technical session and paper presentations.

KAI unveiled Surion forest helicopters, fire helicopters, police helicopters, coast guard helicopters, medical evacuation helicopters, NI-500VT vertical take-off and landing drones, and the new generation #4 medium-sized satellite at this general meeting.

The KUH-1FS is equipped with a 2-ton water tank and searchlight, making it the only forest helicopter capable of fighting nighttime forest fires in Korea.

KAI is also promoting the creation of an air traffic control system for forest helicopters and plans to perform air traffic control missions against pine wilt and foot-and-mouth disease in the future.

The KUH-1EM fire helicopter is active in public safety, such as transporting ambulance patients and fighting fires, while the KUH-1P police helicopter and KUH-1CG coast guard helicopter also protect life and property by performing safety missions such as search and rescue and crime fighting.

The NI-500VT, a vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle that KA is developing independently, is an environmentally friendly hybrid-powered aircraft equipped with day and night precision image detection equipment to carry out various activities such as forest protection and future reconnaissance.

Next Generation Medium Satellite No. 4 is a forestry and agriculture satellite being developed under the leadership of KAI. It is equipped with an electro-optical (EO) camera for tasks such as monitoring natural disasters in forest areas and monitoring agricultural land at home and abroad.

In addition to the showroom, KAI also introduced a meta-universe based learning system, operating an additional experience room. The company presented a differentiated, future-oriented end-to-end solution, such as training and maintenance, as well as simple helicopter and drone management.

“Surion has proven its safety and performance through consistent operational results,” said KAI President Ahn Hyun-ho. – We will pioneer the helicopter export market for customers around the world.”