Helicopter assists with search for DWI suspect in Flower Mound

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A search for a suspected drunk driver prompted police helicopter activity over Flower Mound early Sunday morning.

Officers responded to an intoxicated driver complaint at 2000 Lakeside Pkwy. just after 11 p.m. Saturday. Upon arrival, officers discovered a crashed vacant vehicle, with extensive damage, facing eastbound in the westbound lanes of Lakeside Pkwy.

A witness gave a description of the driver and stated the driver fled the scene north on foot via Wayfair, police said.

Officers discovered a second occupant had also fled the scene. He was located behind Wayfair and arrested for public intoxication.

An officer later located the suspected driver walking eastbound in the 800 block of Flower Mound Rd. The driver spotted the officer as well, and fled into a large heavily wooded area, south of Flower Mound Rd.

Responding officers quickly created a perimeter in an attempt to contain the suspect. Officers attempted to locate the suspect within the perimeter, but the area was too dense, police said.

Supervisors requested the assistance of a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter. DPS arrived and searched the area extensively but weren’t able to locate the suspect. The search was terminated shortly thereafter.