"Double-tailed Scorpion D

“Two-tailed scorpion”: a powerful unmanned helicopter was presented in China

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The UAV can rise to a height of up to 6500 m, delivering military cargo weighing up to 1.5 tons.

At the 14th China International Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, also known as Airshow China, the new GQ580 and TD550 unmanned helicopters were shown. Their characteristics were revealed by the XMNN website.

The TD550 or “Double-tailed Scorpion D” is equipped with four motors and two propellers, promising high power and safety when transporting goods or passengers.The machine is 10.5m long and has a propeller diameter of 20m.In its fuselage the developers have left plenty of room to haul cargo, the TD550 can climb up to 6500m – that’s how far it takes to get to China’s highest outpost.

“This drone can carry more than 120 kg of cargo on the plateau. We use aircraft engines designed for high altitude areas, which have special power and can easily fly to high altitudes. At the same time, we used composite materials to create the blades and fuselage, which can quickly adapt to the difficult climatic environment in high-mountainous regions and can provide autonomous take-off, landing and emergency return,” said the chief designer of the helicopter, Sun Lie.

The TD550 was designed specifically for high altitude operations and border security between India and China, so it can climb up to 6500 m. but Chinese engineers seem to have managed to solve this problem.

Earlier, Turkey developed the first unmanned helicopter for the military. The Alpin model is controlled by the operator or flies autonomously, transmitting video from the built-in cameras, rises to a height of up to 5 km and accelerates to 160 km/h.

NATO troops recently tested the new Camcopter S-100 reconnaissance drone. It is designed to track down enemy ships and submarines at sea and transmit information about them to the command on land.